Dried Flowers - Decorative Flowers

This category shows the most popular dried flowers we carry, as well as, other popular dried and preserved items. 

Artichokes on Stems - 3 x 4 stems

3 bunches (4 stems per bunch) of medium sized dried and dyed artichokes on 16" stems.…

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Caspia - Natural - 3 x 8 oz

Dried caspia flowers in its natural color domestically grown in California. Quantity is 3 x 8 ounces. Also available in cases…

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Cattails - Pencil - Dark Brown - 3 x 100

3 bunches (100 stems per bunch) of dried long pencil cattails in natural dark brown.  The lengths of the cattails…

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Cedar Roses - Natural - 3 x 10 stems

Dried cedar roses in their natural color on 16" stems. 
3 x 10 stems (30 total per order) Also availalbe in…

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Dried Hydrangeas - Hamburgs - 40 Heads

Dried Hamburg hydrangeas with colors that range from blue to bluegreen with some petals showing maroon or purple on the…

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Dried Larkspur - Dark Blue - 3 x 3 oz

3 bundles (3 oz per bundle) of dried Larkspur (delphinium) flowers in a beautiful dark blue color.…

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Dried Lavender - 6 oz

This is a large bunch of very fragrant French dried lavender weighing 6 oz. This lavender is grown in the…

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Dried Wheat - Gold Beard - 3 x 8 oz

3 bunches (8 oz ea for a total 24 oz) of dried wheat in gold beard.  Single bunch shown for…

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Eucalyptus - Preserved - Washed - Blue - 16 oz.

Premium California preserved and washed eucalyptus in blue with stems 24 to 30 inches. If you are unfamiliar with "washed"…

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Eucalyptus - Preserved - Washed - Green - 16 oz.

Premium California preserved and washed eucalyptus in green with stems 24 to 30 inches. If you are unfamiliar with "washed"…

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German Statice - Dried - 3 x 4 oz

Dried German statice flowers (3 x 4oz sleeved bundles) grown domestically in California.  These differ from our bulk case in…

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Larkspur - Pink - 3 x 3 oz

Dried larkspur (delphinium) in pink.  3 x (3 oz per bundle)…

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Reindeer Moss 16 oz

Preserved and dyed reindeer moss imported from the mountains of Norway, this moss will compliment any arrangement. Available (shown top…

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Safflower - Orange Blooms- 3 bunches

3 bunches (5 ounce per bunch) of dried safflower (Carthamus) with natural orange blooms.

Also available in a case…

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Sheet Moss - Dried - 4 lb box

Here is a fantastic deal on sheet moss imported from Denmark. The question everyone wants to know on an item…

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Sunflowers (Helianthus) - Natural - 3 x 5 stems

Lovely dried sunflowers in their natural yellow color.
Quantity: 3 x 5 stems…

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Triticum (wheat) - Natural Green  -  3 bunches

3 bunches (6 oz per bunch) of dried triticum imported from Holland in its natural green color running 28-30" in…

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