Five Reasons to Give Flowers

Flowers are a nature’s gift to the world to cheer, heal, delight, memorialize, and adore. Encounters with brilliant yellow dandelions growing in the yard are often our first childhood tactile interlude with flowers. Even though stems, petals, and stalks are fragile, they are potent botanicals that speak many words without a whisper. Floral arrangements and hand-picked fresh from the garden are always the perfect words translated in a bouquet, rose stem or even a lei.

Any life event is a viable reason to offer the gift of flowers. Today’s connectivity resources allow you to import florist’s bounty from practically anywhere in the world. There are around 400,000 species of flowers blooming on earth, ready to be picked and cherished. If you have made some extra money from your trading, you can always spend it on flowers, and here are five excellent reasons why.

Cheer, Celebrate, and Just Because

A vibrant color burst of yellow sunflowers, Gerbera daisies, and carnelian Asiatic lilies will send endorphins skyward. Giving floral arrangements spurs from ancient times when flowers expressed gestures and words. The term Floriography, flower language, is a Turkish word dating back to the 1700s, which many cultures embraced. 

Greek, Egyptian, Romans, and Chinese cultures graced their everyday lives and folklore with floral reverence. In Hawaii giving a lei celebrates life’s happiest moments, accomplishments and is a warm gesture of friendship. Floriography has become a universal language and understanding! Bring smiles and happiness to anyone’s life with bright, seasonal bloom bouquets or exotic imported lei! 


Ooops, was something said or done that you have remorse about? Recognizing life’s uncomfortable moments helps us grow and improve. Bringing flowers onto the stage of regret can change dramatic scenes with a gentle gesture that heals. The Victorian era surpassed emotion and relied on flowers as a proper form to express. 

Every floral genotype had a trait and special meaning delivering a message. Saying “I’m sorry” can be offered with soothing pink stem roses, soft baby’s breath, and healing lush green accents. Any flower selection you decide on will help you gather the courage to apologize in the right way, with nature’s support.

Get Well

Chromotherapy or color therapy claims to help balance energy within one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Natural aromatherapy also has been noted as a healing factor for ailments and emotional balance. When we feel down or out of sorts, a crisp, colorful bunch of fresh-cut flowers brings comfort. So, next time your love, relative, or friend is feeling down, be the one who sends a caring, rejuvenating, fresh-scented vase of flowers.

Memorialize and Remembrance

Honoring and celebrating life is one of the most important rituals we can offer to family, friends, and loved ones. A sensitive time deserves heartfelt gestures with immense compassion. 

Arrangements meticulously crafted by expert florists can bring comfort and soothing. Fresh Blue delphinium, white lilies, light roses, ribbons, and soothing green accents can help hearts to heal.


Lotus flower offerings were given to lovers and gods by the ancient Egyptians. Progressive times have made flower-giving to any gender an ordinary gesture. Roses are most infamous for saying, “I love you.” Red roses imply passion, romance, desire, enduring love. Bridal rose arrangements come in assorted pale pastel colors expressing youthful love, a new beginning, and eternal love. When it comes to love, every day can be Valentine’s day!

Pine Cones - Loblolly - 200 ct
Pine Cones - Loblolly - 200 ct