Sheet Moss - Dried - 4 lb box

Here is a fantastic deal on sheet moss imported from Denmark. The question everyone wants to know on an item like this is how much can it cover. Well, for this picture we covered an area 82" x 37" (about 20 sq. ft.) with moss still left in the box and was so large I couldn't get it all in the picture. A key aspect of this moss is that it is sliced thinner than most mosses therefore yielding better coverage per pound. The box chosen was at random and contained many nice sized pieces although it did have quite a few small pieces too, which can be handy when actually putting to use in a project. Box is 24" x 12" x 8" packed full of moss totaling 4 pounds.

Note: If more than one case is needed order the 8 lb dried sheet moss  for more economical shipping costs.

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Very happy with the quality of this moss. It's a great value for the price! ...

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